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Technopolis Workplace Talks (webinar in English)

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Reboot Your Workplace

Tuesday 20.10.2020 at 14:00-15:00

Work life is changing faster than ever. Many companies are currently facing a strong need to rethink and redesign their workplaces, but it can feel difficult with the unknown future ahead. Work culture and work environments need to be developed but where to start and what is the right direction to go to?


If these challenges are relevant to you, we highly recommend you to join this webinar.

We will provide practical tips and insights to the following questions:
• How to identify and analyze new business needs?
• What is the purpose of offices in the future?
• How to bring people back to the physical workplace?
• What kind of new leadership tools are needed?
• What is the role of employee wellbeing in modern companies?

The discussion is led by experienced workspace experts Antti Pitkänen from Agile Work and Tiia Rauhamäki from Technopolis.

Join the webinar to reboot your workplace!


Tiia Rauhamäki

Workplace Transformation Specialist of Technopolis


Tiia Rauhamäki works for Technopolis as a Concept Manager and Workplace Transformation Specialist. Tiia’s special interests include human beings, workspace functionality and wellbeing at work.

Tiia thinks that the wellbeing of employees should be a top priority. Read more about her thoughts here. Remote working quickly got a whole new meaning due to the coronavirus pandemic, her thoughts on remote work here.


Antti Pitkänen

Director of Insights and Strategy, Agile Work 

Antti Pitkänen, Agile Work’s Director of Insights and Strategy and Chairman of the Board, works with customer projects as a part of a multi-expert team.

Agile Work specializes in planning and managing changes in the workplace.

Technopolis is collaborating with Agile Work to offer their digital approach to workplace transformation to help companies adapt to current challenges and changes in the workplace.

Agile Work looks at workplaces from a multidisciplinary perspective: employee experience, culture and the company’s strategic goals are the basis for workplace design that takes into account the social, digital and physical work environment.


Join this webinar if you’re interested in analyzing your space or looking into your company culture more thoroughly!

Workplace Talks support your business. Webinars are free of charge. Webinar recording will be sent to all registered participants after the event. You can watch the webinar anytime and don’t have to worry about missing the live webinar.


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